Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New List Serv for Our Paralegal Program

We now have a new list serv for our program "missionlaw". So how does this help you? Well first of all when you graduate, and even before you graduate, you will want to stay in touch with any new developments in the law, updated postings on jobs and employment, tips on legal research, legal writing, and also you may want to just keep in touch with your fellow and sister paralegals. So join the MissionLaw family. It is simple as one, two, three. First subscribe to MissionLaw List-serv. You will then receive an email from missionlaw, asking if you want to join, fill out the information, return the email, and voila, you are now one of the privileged "MissionLaw" Group Members. Then add to your email address book, the email address "", and any time you want to communicate to the group, just email our family. Remember to treat everyone with respect. Enjoy. Prof. J.
P.S. you will also receive email updates from time to time from Prof. J, and other members that we hope you find useful. Welcome to our "MissionLaw" Yahoo Groups family. Prof. J.