Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Value of Networking

The Values of Networking
from an article at
William J M. Wold, Chief Executive Officer of Illinois Periodicals
Online states in an article on Networking:
"Most professionals know that by developing a network of colleagues they gain a valuable asset that can make a difference, especially during difficult and changing times. Networking can be a fun and easy way to enrich your life, broaden your horizons and enhance your career. "

"In fact, networking may be crucial to your success. Networking is a chance to gravitate towards a new area of knowledge you may have never explored. And meeting people outside your current position may enable you to fully understand the next step of your career."

This is very true. Prof. Jordan recommends highly in addition
to networking with your own fellow and sister paralegal students,
join the list-serv for our Paralegal Program, and also join one or more of the Paralegal Associations to keep current in the legal field.
Hope this helps. Prof J.